The new name for two trusted brands

Lunenburg Vlees and Egbert Kruiswijk Vleesproducten are to officially start trading under the joint name Westfort Meatproducts. We're a little bit sad to be saying goodbye to our old names. We've been using them with pride for many years. But a new direction calls for a new name. We're taking the name Westfort from the slaughterhouse we jointly own in Gorinchem. When we opened the slaughterhouse in 2003, it was an important step towards closer cooperation, which culminated in the merger of our two businesses in 2013. So Westfort is a name that's an homage to the many years we've spent working together, and it's a new symbol for going forward into the future as one.

New name, trusted quality

Westfort is a highly specialised pork meat processing company offering the full range of meat processing services: buying pigs from the farmer, slaughtering, meat processing, producing cold meat products, and delivering meat to butchers, supermarkets, restaurants and cold meat product companies in the Netherlands and far beyond. Because we have short lines and every specialism in house, we're guaranteed to meet your needs, efficiently and safely.

We're an artisanal yet innovative company. We have a rich tradition of working with pork. We're a company that grew out of family businesses, which treasures its history, but also looks to the future. Our intention is to carry on making quality products for many more years to come, so we can ensure that lots of people, both in the Netherlands and abroad, get to enjoy our pork.

Tried and tested product lines, and new concepts

Over the years you've probably come to know our specialist product lines. We pride ourselves on anticipating your company's requirements, and those of your customers. So we're always able to provide you with the right products.

IJsselland Vleeswaren

The IJsselland cold meats line consists of sustainable, artisan cold pork products with the Sustainable Pork Value Chain label. The cold meats are produced using authentic methods, without artificial colourings or flavourings, and with as few E numbers as possible.

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Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees

KDV (Sustainable Pork Value Chain) produces delicious pork that's made with respect for the animal and the environment. Over 300 farmers are already working in accordance with our method. The meat is on sale at more than 500 retail outlets. Which makes it the leading sustainable alternative.

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St Hendrick

St. Hendrick offers pure, organically sourced meat products. The St. Hendrick meats get the time and attention they deserve. Which gives us a very full range of quality organic meats. All St. Hendrick products are certified gluten-free.

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Het Kruidenvarken van Friberne. Every day the Friberne pigs are fed a mixture of 10 different herbs by the farmer personally. This extra care and attention for the pigs is reflected in the end product – tastier and more tender pork.

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Next steps

We are about to gradually introduce our new name and house style. This will be done carefully, step by step. And this temporary website will soon be replaced by a permanent one, where you'll be able to read much more about our products and services. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at one of our branches.