To safeguard our quality, we ensure that our production methods comply with requirements for a sound and comprehensive quality assurance system, such as IFS and BRC guidelines. Each year, external parties, government agencies and our clients verify that we are still complying with the guidelines in the correct manner.

The right product guaranteed
Westfort produces pork products according to a variety of concepts, ranging from the Sustainable Pork Value Chain to organic pork. Because each concept is subject to its own protocols, the different meat flows are kept strictly separate during processing in our new slaughterhouse. For channelling, we use an innovative colour-coded lighting system to identify the different concepts. This way, our staff know immediately which meat flow is being processed at any given time.

Special channelling teams
In addition to the Committee for Animal Biotechnology (CBD), certification agency CGD B.V. and Skal verifying whether we are working in compliance with the established standards, our special channelling teams check our channelling system on a daily basis to make sure that the different meat concepts remain strictly separated.

Lifelong learning
At Westfort, we attach great importance to having dedicated, professionally competent staff. Training and education are therefore of key importance for our team. By providing our staff with training in product knowledge, hygiene, safe working practices and/or food safety, we ensure that they are consummate professionals and, in so doing, safeguard our quality.

COV Meat Sector Code of Conduct
Westfort has signed the Code of Conduct drawn up by the Dutch Meat Association (COV) – a guide for ensuring appropriate and proper conduct when it comes to food safety and product integrity in the Dutch meat sector. The underlying principle of this Code is that the parties who sign it must comply with all of the legal requirements laid down in domestic and EU legislation with regard to ensuring food safety and product integrity.

Global quality requirements
Westfort not only complies with domestic and EU quality requirements; it has also received approval from the following countries to export its products there: South Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our QESH team

Jaap van der Hek - QESH Manager

Jaap van der Hek
QESH Manager
Tel. +31 (0)30 760 7880

Georgine Dröge - QESH Co-operator

Georgine Dröge
QESH Co-operator
Tel. +31 (0)30 760 7880

Mascha Abrahamsen - QESH Co-operator

Mascha Abrahamsen
QESH Co-operator
Tel. +31 (0)30 760 7880