End of 2015, the new slaughterhouse was put into operation. This slaughterhouse has invested in additional animal welfare , improved meat quality and sustainable energy solutions.

Stressvrije ontvangst en verblijf varkens

Stress-free reception and pigsty

When it comes to animal welfare, Westfort does its utmost to ensure the pigs a stress-free transport, reception and stay. We encourage our carriers to use new, closed livestock vehicles with cross-ventilation and dimmed lighting. When the pigs arrive, we make sure they are received in a stress-free manner. Although three unloading bays would be sufficient for our capacity, we have four, and with enough capacity, our pigsty is overdimensioned to give the animals sufficient space and calm.

Meanwhile, the relaxation areas for the pigs have heated floors to prevent them from becoming stiff. Calm, hygiene and regularity are key priorities at Westfort. The pigs are unloaded and taken for slaughter according to a strict procedure drawn up in consultation with our specialist who is expert in animal behaviour. . All of our staff receive training in this procedure.

Diervriendelijker verdoven

More humane stunning methods

Westfort has adopted a new, more humane method of stunning its pigs. This method is still new to the industry, and not yet widely used. We use four stunning lifts, which enables us to fully stun the pigs more rapidly. Although three lifts would be sufficient for the slaughtering capacity of Westfort, we have opted for four individually running units. This way, the pigs do not endure any stress, and are never left waiting unnecessarily.

Opwekken eigen energie door vergisting

Generation of own energy through fermentation

With the aid of an innovative fermentation system, Westfort generates 20% of its own electrical power and 80% of its own thermal power. The methane gas created by the fermentation process is burned in a thermoelectric power plant, generating 500 kWh in green energy – enough electricity for 1,750 large families! What's more, the fermentation system processes the waste products into natural fertilisers. The major benefit of this new system is that it allows Westfort to convert the waste products from the slaughterhouse into energy and fertiliser on its own premises. In turn, we are able to reduce our transport of waste products by 80%.

Modern lichtsysteem: veilig en zuinig

Modern lighting system: safe and economical

Westfort uses a unique lighting system. Our lighting is multi-coloured, supporting our colour-coded channelling system. Each individual meat concept has its own colour code, which is used to label the crates in which the meat is transported, and therefore also for the lighting. This way, it is clear to everyone, at all times, which concept is being processed. Because LED lighting is more energy-efficient than traditional lighting and emits less heat, we also save on cooling.

Westfort Meatproducts

NL:Welkom op de site van Westfort Vleesproducten. Wij zijn een unieke innovatieve varkensslachterij in Nederland en leveren wereldwijd. Westfort is hét modernste vleesbedrijf ter wereld met een lange (familie)traditie in varkensvlees. Westfort is volledig gecertificeerd om aan [naam land] te leveren. We voldoen aan alle voorwaarden. U kunt bij Westfort terecht voor het beste varkensvlees in iedere gewenste snit. Het varkensvlees van Westfort wordt geproduceerd met oog voor dierwelzijn, milieu en uw kwaliteitseisen.

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Westfort Meatproducts

Welcome to the website of Westfort Vleesproducten. We are a unique and innovative pork slaughterhouse in the Netherlands with an international clientele. Westfort is the world's most modern meat processing company. As a family business, we have a long tradition in the pork industry. We are fully certified to export products to a wide variety of countries, and comply with all of the relevant requirements. Westfort supplies superior-quality pork in every imaginable cut. Our meat is produced in accordance with animal welfare, environmental and quality standards.

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