Opportunities for farmers

As well as offering benefits for our clients and consumers, the different concepts provide farmers with many opportunities for development. At Westfort, we examine the opportunities available to the farmers and align them with the requirements of our clients. This allows us to offer our suppliers a better price for their products.

Every pig farmer is different, which is why our services are always tailor-made. Whichever concept the pig farmer chooses, Westfort consults with the farmer and merchant as to what the best solution is for their business, and which concept will generate them the highest profits.

Westfort advises and supports the farmers not only in choosing a concept, but also in its implementation. This advice and support is provided to the farmers on their premises by our farm coach.

Opportunities in the retail industry

Westfort provides a variety of unique pork concepts: concepts centred around the requirements of the client and consumer, and concepts that enable us to guarantee you a product with a distinct identity.

Retailers and wholeslers can either purchase one of Westfort's unique pork concepts or consult us to create a unique, tailor-made product of their own. We supply meat with a story – the story of a sustainable chain designed for a better environment and better animal welfare, or a story of organic meat produced with passion and authenticity by a pioneer.

Westfort can also assist you in communicating the special nature of this product. We do this by providing retail advertising aterials, access to high-quality photography and example texts, and a retail coach who can assist you on location.

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